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Come on, Know the Various Benefits of Outdoor Playing for Children

Various reasons, such as games and gadgets, can make children prefer to be at home rather than playing outside the home. Though there are many benefits of playing outdoors for children's health, you know. Children under five years old (toddlers) and children are advised to play outdoors at least one hour every day. This is important because there are many things that cannot be obtained just by playing indoors. For example, readiness to take risks and the ability to appreciate the natural surroundings. 6 Benefits of Playing Outdoor for Children Here are 6 benefits of playing outdoors that you need to know: 1. Supports healthy bones, skin, and mood When playing outdoors, children will get exposure to sunlight which can help the body stimulate the production of vitamin D. Sun exposure is important for bone development and the child's immune system. In addition, sunlight can also help overcome some skin problems in children, improve sleep quality, and make a child's m
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Easy Ways to Overcome Thrush in the Disruptive Throat

Not only on the lips or mouth, canker sores can also appear in the throat. Fortunately, thrush in the throat can be handled alone at home in a simple way. To find out how to overcome it, let's refer to the explanation in the following article. Thrush is an oval or round wound that usually appears on the lips, tongue, tonsils, inner cheeks, or even in the throat. Sprue sores are white or yellowish with red edges caused by inflammation, and are generally painful. Thrush in the throat can make it difficult for sufferers to swallow. What Causes Thrush in the Throat? Until now, the cause of thrush in the throat is not known with certainty, but there are allegations that this condition is related to: Stress. Wounds on the tissues in the mouth. Certain foods or drinks, such as chocolate, nuts, coffee, and sour fruit (for example pineapple and strawberries). Infection. Hormonal changes. Allergy. Lack of certain nutrients, such as vitamin B12, zinc, folic acid, and iron. Side

First Aid When Stung by Aquatic Animals

While the fun of snorkeling, sometimes the feet can be accidentally stung by sea urchins or other poisonous aquatic animals. But do not panic quickly, do the first aid stung by the following aquatic animals. There are many dangers that lurk when enjoying snorkeling, ranging from bumping into coral reefs, stung by jellyfish and stingrays, stepping on sea urchins, until bitten by sea snakes. Sea animal stings can cause symptoms such as stinging at the location of the sting, redness of the skin, swollen skin, fever, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, sweating. Sometimes the sting of aquatic animals can even cause seizures, difficulty breathing, paralysis to heart rhythm disorders. Various First Aid Stung by Marine Animals If your friends or family get stung by sea animals, take it to the nearest hospital or doctor immediately. In addition, do the first aid stung by the following marine animals: Jellyfish When stung by a jellyfish, the first aid stung by marine animals that can be